Complete care of your beauty & Health With Ayur Kalakshetra

A Unique place for : Beauty & Hair

Hair Spa

1.Hair coloring
3. Mehandi
4. Hair Spa
5. Hair Cutting

Beauty Care

1.Bridal Make Up
2.Facial ( Specialised in anti tanning Treatment)
3.Manicure & Pedicure
4. Waxing
5. Foot Reflexology

Ayurveda Section

The traditional ayurveda medicated oil massage, Ayurveda Treatments for Joints pain, Arthritis, Spondylitis, Stress, Weight reduction, Sinusitis, Beauty Therapies,Hair Loss, Acne, Muscular pain etc.etc..

Training Section.

The training session of Ayurkalakshetra is specially designed for a candidate who is seeking for a well settled job in India & Abroad. 1. Ayurveda therapist Course
2. SPA Therapy Course
3. Beautician
4. Ayurveda Panchakarma course
5. Tatoo Artist
6. Mehandi Artist
7. Hair stylist
Certificate will be awarded to each candidate after successful completion of course

Ayurveda Treatments

Abhyagam with medicated steam
Ayurvedic warm medicated oil massage, which improves blood circulation, improve vigor & vitality. Medicated steam will detoxify the body, and will relieve body pain.

Abhyangam with Sirodhara
In this treatment warm medicated oil/milk/Thakra gently pouring over the forehead. 3-4 ltrs of oil/milk/thakra for 1 time treatment. It has been used for a variety of conditions including, stress/insomnia, sinusitis/vertigo, mental disorders, memory loss, psoriasis allergic rhinitis and also for a beauty therapy.


Elakkizhi/Podikkizhi/ Dhanyakkizhi
It is an important treatment using herbal leaves/Herbal powers. Elakkizhi is very effective in conditions like Arthitis, Spondylitis, Back pain, Muscle spasm, Lubricating joins, Frozen shoulder, sciatica, sports injuries, it enhances the peripheral blood circulation etc.

This is a very important treatmentin ayurveda. In this luke warm medicated oil squeezed all over the body continuously for 45- 60mins a day. This is very useful for treating nervous weakness like arthritis, stiff joints, sexual weakness etc.


NJavarakizhi is a type of sudation process in which the whole body, or any specific part there of, is made to perspire by the external application of certain Njavara (medical) rice puddings, in the form of boluses tied in muslin bags, dipped in a mixture of warm milk and decoctions. It is applied as appropriate by two to four therapists for about 60 to 90 minutes each day.

It is a deep tissue massage using herbal powders. Benefit of this massage is refreshes and rejuvenate the body, reduces excess fat, eliminate bad body odor, reduces the blood cholesterol and many.


Nasyam is one of the Panchakarma Treatment. Nasyam is benefited for the entire disease of the head region.

Body scrub
Body scrub is using for the dead skin cell removal from the body and impurities leaving u a feel of fresh and light.

Beauty section /Different hair styles

Different Facial techniques ,Anti Acne Treatment , Anti Wrinkle Treatment and Waxing

Bridal make up /Party make up

Nail extension & designs

Different hair colors

High lights, beads Hair rebonding/Smoothing Hairdo, Temporary pressing, Temporary & permanent curling Hair spa Blow dry

Variety of mehandi designs

Temporary & permanent Tatoo application

Body piercing

Note : Customized packages are available with prior appointment